Well this site is mainly about me; I also use it as a place to experiment, tinker and play with the web in general. So allow me to quickly introduce myself.

My name is Chris, at time of writing I am 37 years old and have been a developer for many years. I have worked for big names like the BBC & eBay but mostly enjoy a team that works together to produce something amazing. I'm an avid cyclist and took on the London To Paris challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support in 2012 which has actually inspired me to do more like this. I bake my own bread and enjoy cooking in general, write and sometime perform spoken word/poetry in and around London. The blog attached to here is much more consumable, it's aimed to talk about my life experiences, good and bad.

What sort of work do I do?

I'm mostly an engineer, so I don't really do front end web work, I understand this side of the web and can happily build a website as long as I can get someone else to take on the complicated CSS. I can however work happily with JQuery and build plugins if needed. I mostly use programming languages like perl, php, python, ruby etc to do what I want, for a more detailed profile of what work I have done and who I have worked for please view my LinkedIn Profile or my Careers @ StackOverflow Profile

Alternatively you can download my current CV

How to find me

Let me just throw this out there, I am not on Facebook, I am probably never going to be on Facebook I just don't have any need for it so what is the point? However you can find me on the web in all the places below but easiest of all is to get hold of me by e-mail, be warned that some of these things may contain swearing and other such unpleasantries so please don't take offence. So in no particular order you can see my activities at the following sites.